Musk vs. the Monorail (Or, Why Teslas, Tunnels, and Space Ships Won’t Save Us)

    Think Elon Musk holds the key to transportation’s future? Think again, recent articles in Intelligencer and Time suggest. Critic Alissa Walker, writing for Intelligencer, drills into the business practices of Musk’s The Boring Company. His pitch, in essence, is to convince beleaguered city officials that a tunnel network for cars will solve congestion woes. What they get, Walker suggests, is a host of unrealistic and ultimately broken promises. Michael Manville, associate professor of urban planning at the UCLA Luskin School… Read More »Musk vs. the Monorail (Or, Why Teslas, Tunnels, and Space Ships Won’t Save Us)


      Next Steps in the Fight Against Climate Change

      The last word on the climate crisis goes to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Every six to seven years, the group releases an Assessment Report coalescing the latest research. Its findings, the IPCC explains, “provide a comprehensive summary of what is known about the drivers of climate change, its impacts and future risks, and how adaptation and mitigation can reduce those risks.” The IPCC released its Sixth Assessment Report earlier this year, and the findings were alarming to say… Read More »Next Steps in the Fight Against Climate Change

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        Big Ass Fans Lookbook Webinar

        Discover strategies to help owners get onboard with sustainability resiliency, so they can reach a Net Zero mindset at the on-demand Big Ass Fans Lookbook Webinar. Join trusted top industry architects and designers as they discuss the significance of sustainability, energy savings, health & air quality when designing projects for today and for the future. Our expert panel: Chris Pendleton, Design Project Manager; Big Ass Fans Liza Morales, AIA, LEED AP; Ecotecture Design Ned Cramer, Founding Editor-in-Chief of ARCHITECT, Design… Read More »Big Ass Fans Lookbook Webinar

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          The Civil Quarterly 2022 Issue 3

          The Civil Quarterly (TCQ) features original research collected quarterly from civil contractors, engineers and owners. The research provides a snapshot of the current business health of contractors operating in the dynamic civil sector, and each issue also offers insights into some of the many trends that are transforming the sector through research, interviews and feature articles. This quarter’s issue features: The latest on civil contractors’ business conditions, including their confidence in the market, their high levels of backlog and the… Read More »The Civil Quarterly 2022 Issue 3

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            Increasing Resilience is a Key Priority for Civil Contractors and Engineers

            Dodge Construction Network’s latest Civil Quarterly study highlights concerns of civil engineers and contractors regarding resiliency improvement of U.S. infrastructure The latest edition of The Civil Quarterly (TCQ) from Dodge Construction Network reveals that increasing resilience of U.S. infrastructure is a priority across the industry. The findings show 82% of civil contractors and 92% of civil engineers affirmed that they have worked on projects that prioritize resilience. The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) includes significant funding for bolstering the resilience of… Read More »Increasing Resilience is a Key Priority for Civil Contractors and Engineers

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              Broad-Based Weakness in the Building Sectors Drags Down Construction Starts in June

              Total construction starts fell 5% in June to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $932.3 billion, according to Dodge Construction Network. Nonresidential building starts lost 14% during the month and residential lost 6%. Nonbuilding starts gained 13% in June due to the start of several large solar projects. Year-to-date, total construction was 5% higher in the first six months of 2022 compared to the same period of 2021. Nonresidential building starts rose 13% and residential starts gained 3%, while nonbuilding starts… Read More »Broad-Based Weakness in the Building Sectors Drags Down Construction Starts in June

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                Starts Stay Strong in First Half as Possible Recession Looms

                Adapted from an article published on ENR on July 13, 2022. While commodity prices have begun to stabilize following the extreme volatility of the past several years, recession fears continue to mount. Inflation and labor shortages remain ongoing issues within the construction industry as well as the broader U.S. economy. “Bid price increases on a year-over-year basis have finally caught up with material cost increases, which will bring smiles of relief to many contractors,” says Alex Carrick, chief economist at… Read More »Starts Stay Strong in First Half as Possible Recession Looms

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                  Construction’s Digital Future

                  Luddites despair! The digitization of construction is inevitable. That’s just one takeaway from a recent webinar hosted by Geo Week News. The session picks up where the infamous 2016 McKinsey report, Imagining Construction’s Digital Future, left off. Under the title Is Construction (Finally) Ready to Move Into the Digital Age?, the webinar convened four industry leaders to discuss the state of play, and possibilities for the future: Niknaz Aftahi, Founder & CEO, AEC + Tech Steve Holzer, Technology Visionary and Leader… Read More »Construction’s Digital Future

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                    Dodge Momentum Index Hits 14-Year High With Slight Gain in June

                    The Dodge Momentum Index (DMI) increased less than one percentage point in June to 173.6 (2000=100) from the revised May reading of 173.1, pushing the measure to a 14-year high. The Momentum Index, issued by Dodge Construction Network, is a monthly measure of the initial report for nonresidential building projects in planning. The index is shown to lead construction spending for nonresidential buildings by a full year. In June, the commercial component of the Momentum Index rose 4.1%, while the institutional component… Read More »Dodge Momentum Index Hits 14-Year High With Slight Gain in June

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                      ‘Reinventing the Storm Drain’

                      As a result of the climate crisis, droughts and floods are increasing dramatically in both frequency and intensity. A recent monograph of work by Denver-based landscape and planning firm Wenk Associates doubles as a manual for ecologically responsible on-site water management. Working Water: Reinventing the Storm Drain (ORO Editions, $40) , as its title suggests, demonstrates efficient methods for managing urban water resources, using Wenk Associates projects as case studies. According to a review in ArchDaily by Lori Catalano &… Read More »‘Reinventing the Storm Drain’

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