Is It Time to Step Up Cybersecurity?

    By Donna Laquidara-Carr, Ph.D., LEED AP The following article originally appeared on New technologies for use on construction projects have the potential to help contractors deliver better projects on schedule, on budget and more safely. However, that new technology also brings new risks into the construction industry.  Like every other major industry across the globe, contractors need to be concerned about cybersecurity, especially as they shift to more data-driven approaches to managing their projects.  But how prepared is the… Read More »Is It Time to Step Up Cybersecurity?


      The New 2022 Big Ass Fans Lookbook

      Inside you’ll find exclusive profiles of projects where Big Ass fans have provided the perfect solution for architects, designers, and engineers. See form and function working hand-in-hand, every step of the way. The 2022 Big Ass Fans Lookbook showcases over 100 pages of case studies, designer profiles, stunning design in various real world settings, and more. Learn more about what Big Ass Fans has accomplished and what they can do for you.


        Elevating Project Control Workflows with 5D BIM

        Our previous Project Agility through 4D BIM webinar demonstrated how to execute projects agilely through 4D BIM. Now, take your project control workflows to the next level with HxGN Smart Build™ Project Controls.   In this webinar learn how to build upon the foundation set by HxGN Smart Build Insight and elevate to a 5D BIM workflow by seamlessly linking the 3D model, schedule, and budget/cost. HxGN Smart Build Project Controls enables additional functionality like cost control, budgeting & forecasting, change… Read More »Elevating Project Control Workflows with 5D BIM

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          Business Conditions for Civil Contractors Remain Positive

          Each issue of the Dodge publication Civil Quarterly surveys civil engineers to track a variety of business conditions. One useful indicator measures contractors’ backlog—more specifically the ratio between their ideal amount of backlog to the current reality. According to the most recent survey, backlogs remained strong throughout 2021, with most civil contractors reporting close to their ideal backlog. No consistent pattern of change has emerged, with backlog ratios increasing or decreasing, but always remaining at 80 or above.

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            Demographic Growth Slows, Population Shifts: What They Mean for Your Business

            By Richard Branch, Chief Economist One of the biggest concerns facing the construction sector is “people.” For most of us in the industry, that concern is centered on the acute lack of skilled labor facing the sector.  I think, though, the “people” concern goes deeper than that. At the end of the day, what we do is build things for people: homes, roads, schools, etc. However, population growth in the U.S. is slowing. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, total… Read More »Demographic Growth Slows, Population Shifts: What They Mean for Your Business

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              Digitizing Completions to Increase Project Performance and Value

              It’s time to challenge the status quo of poor project performance. There is no doubt that COVID-19 has had an enormous effect on the world’s economy. But as countries start to open up, experts across the globe are hoping for a construction-led recovery. The World Economic Forum has called on governments to invest in sustainable, technologically advanced and resilient infrastructure projects. It reports that low- and middle-income countries could see a $4 return for every $1 spent on such civil… Read More »Digitizing Completions to Increase Project Performance and Value

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                HxGN Smart Build & Skanska Partner to Drive Digital Building Construction Vision

                Hexagon and Skanska have partnered to solve digital construction challenges by implementing innovative construction technologies, including HxGN Smart Build. In this video, discover the visions of both Hexagon and Skanska, as well as how this partnership focuses on consolidating all aspects of Skanska’s estimation, design, planning, scheduling and pre-construction. Learn more about HxGN Smart Build here,

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                  Reality Capture: Helping to Increase Safety and Productivity in Civil Construction

                  Of all the new technology available to improve construction projects, reality capture perhaps holds the greatest promise. It covers a broad span of technology, from sophisticated laser scanning devices to the cameras on phones and the apps designed to better utilize the images they capture. New research conducted in the Civil Quarterly reveals the degree to which contractors have already embraced these technologies, the benefits they experience from their use and the promise they see in it for future improvements. Join Dr.… Read More »Reality Capture: Helping to Increase Safety and Productivity in Civil Construction

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                    Window and door manufacturer Andersen Corporation is doubling down on solar power with an investment in Ubiquitous Energy, a company whose transparent photovoltaic technology converts light into electricity using semiconductor materials while maintaining visual transparency. Ubiquitous Energy’s UE Power™ technology is the only patented photovoltaic glass coating that harnesses solar power to generate electricity, while remaining almost indistinguishable from traditional windows. The renewable energy generation can be used for self-contained, on-board power and smart-home functionality, or to offset energy consumption elsewhere.… Read More »ANDERSEN INVESTS IN SOLAR TECH

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                      Managing Through the Cycle for Construction Success With Steel

                      Is uncertainty making it hard to plan for the future? Tabitha S. Stine, the director of construction solutions services at the steel and steel products company Nucor, has a strong sense of what the construction industry can expect. In her presentation for Outlook 2022, she draws connections between COVID-19, supply chain disruptions, the price of steel, and near- and mid-term prospects for the construction industry and the economy writ large. In the long-term, material prices continue to rise: From Jan.… Read More »Managing Through the Cycle for Construction Success With Steel

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