To Foretell the Future of Design, Look to Policy—and This Website

    Infrastructure has been on a lot of minds lately, though nobody seems to agree what it means. A progressive may consider infrastructure spending as a way to expand the social safety net and tackle climate change. A conservative might say it’s a publicly funded inducement for private enterprise and the nation’s overall economic competitiveness. Both would probably think it’s good for creating jobs. I believe it could have a net positive effect on our buildings, neighborhoods, towns, and cities. Lately,… Read More »To Foretell the Future of Design, Look to Policy—and This Website


      Heat Stress Mitigation: Tools for Compliance and Safety

      Warehouses, industrial, and commercial buildings often suffer a common problem – moderate to excessive heat that can impact employee safety and productivity as well as violate federal, state, and local statutes such as OSHA, California Title 24 Part 6, and ASHRAE 55. As employers increasingly invite workers back to the workplace, safety and comfort can make the difference between retaining talent and having a revolving door workforce that chooses to find employment in more comfortable spaces. Check out this brief,… Read More »Heat Stress Mitigation: Tools for Compliance and Safety

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        Big Ass Fans Lookbook Webinar

        Discover strategies to help owners get onboard with sustainability resiliency, so they can reach a Net Zero mindset at the on-demand Big Ass Fans Lookbook Webinar. Join trusted top industry architects and designers as they discuss the significance of sustainability, energy savings, health & air quality when designing projects for today and for the future. Our expert panel: Chris Pendleton, Design Project Manager; Big Ass Fans Liza Morales, AIA, LEED AP; Ecotecture Design Ned Cramer, Founding Editor-in-Chief of ARCHITECT, Design… Read More »Big Ass Fans Lookbook Webinar

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          Hickok Cole: Case Study

          Hickok Cole is a forward-focused design practice fueled by creative rigor who have called Washington, D.C. home for more than three decades. Their impressive portfolio includes award-winning projects, and they have designed homes for many leading D.C. organizations, including National Geographic, the International Spy Museum, and American Geophysical Union’s net-zero headquarters renovation. When Hickok Cole outgrew its old headquarters in Georgetown, they found a gem in the Union Market area. While the place had beautiful skylights and 30-foot ceilings, it… Read More »Hickok Cole: Case Study

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            Ecotecture Design: Case Study

            Manila- and New York-based Liza Morales, creative director of Ecotecture Design, is an architect with a focus on sustainable design. The tropical climate of the Philippines means that Morales is often faced with some unique problems when designing for comfort. “Not only is this a tropical country, but we also have the highest per kilowatt-hour electricity rates in Asia. As a result, fans that not only cool but help us save on energy costs are a no-brainer, which led us… Read More »Ecotecture Design: Case Study

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              Case Study: Carly Ahlman Design, LLC

              New York City based Carly Ahlman is principal of Carly Ahlman Design, LLC, a full service interior design studio focused on high-end single family residential interior design. When considering their mission—to create functional, beautiful spaces that are a true reflection of each client—one important consideration is comfort, and fans that help them achieve comfort and beauty in each design. Find out why her firm chooses Big Ass Fans for their projects.

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                Sara McCann Case Study

                Sara McCann is the CEO and Creative Director for Hive Collective, a collection of brands devoted to luxury products and high-quality services. When a project required a minimalistic fan with a clean look that works with any type of interiors, McCann went to Big Ass Fans. Take a look at how the Haiku fan worked with the project both aesthetically and functionally.

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                  Case Study: Kraemer Consulting Engineers

                  With over a quarter billion square feet of construction, engineering, and management under his belt, Jason Bush of Kraemer Consulting Engineers (KCE) has solved a lot of problems for his clients by finding just the right product for their situation. When faced with a unique challenge with temperature requirements in an Arizona beverage brewing and storing facility, it was clear Big Ass Fans was the obvious choice. Find out why Big Ass Fans was selected for the job.

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                    Case Study: Maui Brewing

                    Since 2013, Maui Brewing Company has been using Big Ass fansalongside other efforts, such as solar power, to reach their goal of 100%sustainable manufacturing. Find out how Big Ass Fans has helped keep the team and storefront cool enough to have a higher AC set point, and in turn decrease electrical consumption and maintain their sustainability goals.

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                      SPECLAB: Take the Guesswork Out of Comfort

                      HOW DOES SPECLAB WORK? SpecLab combines CFD with airflow data collected in our state-of-the-art Research & Development facility. This allows you to customize and test your solution before it’s installed—saving you both time and money. SPECLAB ALLOWS YOU TO: Visualize how our products interact with equipment, vehicles, walls, and any other obstructions in your space. Evaluate thermal comfort outcomes both with and without Big Ass Fans products using industry-backed calculation methods. Test multiple products and configurations before buying, ensuring you… Read More »SPECLAB: Take the Guesswork Out of Comfort

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                        Fan Placement for Optimal Air Circulation

                        If you have a fan in your warehouse, you may already be familiar with how important airflow is to keep your employees feeling cool when the weather gets hot. You probably also know that overheated workplaces reduce productivity and can be a health hazard.  But your existing fan isn’t getting the job done. It spins and spins but your team just isn’t feeling the cooling effects you expected. So how do you know where to place your fan(s) for optimal air… Read More »Fan Placement for Optimal Air Circulation

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