The New 2022 Big Ass Fans Lookbook

    Inside you’ll find exclusive profiles of projects where Big Ass fans have provided the perfect solution for architects, designers, and engineers. See form and function working hand-in-hand, every step of the way. The 2022 Big Ass Fans Lookbook showcases over 100 pages of case studies, designer profiles, stunning design in various real world settings, and more. Learn more about what Big Ass Fans has accomplished and what they can do for you.


      How to Engage with Design Professionals in a Post-Covid World

      The physical limitations emplaced over the past 18 months have ignited a permanent shift towards digitally-based processes for product selection, project documentation, continuing education and ongoing awareness of industry trends and innovations. This session will feature research on these critical changes and practical guidance from a panel of experts about how manufacturers can successfully adapt.

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        BAF Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ)

        If you missed Big Ass Fans session at Dodge outlook 2022, here is a replay where you can watch David Rose, Senior Manager Technical Strategy & Innovation discuss Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ). Learn more about the benefits of Ceiling fans and how they can improve IEQ.

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          An Mixed-Use Energy Retrofit in a Hot Climate

          The Franco Center Apartments building is a five-story senior living facility in Stockton, CA, with retail spaces, community rooms for the residents, and office space for staff on the ground floor. The residential spaces occupy the second through fifth floors. Constructed in 1967 and renovated in 2007, it is built of concrete masonry. Thirty-five “smart” ceiling fans were installed in the common areas of the building. On-board sensors detect occupancy, temperature, and relative humidity, helping reduce energy usage and increase… Read More »An Mixed-Use Energy Retrofit in a Hot Climate

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            The Benefits of Fans in Schools

            Four case studies demonstrate how fans can help reduce energy costs and create greener, more comfortable schools. Research shows that student attendance and performance improve when schools go green. In schools that rely on traditional HVAC systems and natural ventilation, fans can be used to give HVAC systems a break and keep both students and teachers comfortable. In the summer, air movement created by fans makes people feel up to 10°F cooler, which means the thermostat can be set higher… Read More »The Benefits of Fans in Schools

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              A Sustainable Landmark Incorporates Ceiling Fans

              The Bullitt Foundation, a nonprofit philanthropic organization with a focus on the environment, worked with local real estate firm Point32 to deliver a building at the cutting-edge of sustainable architecture. The building was the vision of CEO Denis Hayes to create “the greenest urban office building in the world” and received the Sustainable Building of the Year award from World Architecture News in 2013. To help meet the low energy targets, ceiling fans were combined with automated windows for passive… Read More »A Sustainable Landmark Incorporates Ceiling Fans

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                A Research Building That Relies on Fans and Natural Ventilation

                The Coastal Biology Building in Santa Cruz, Calif., brings together faculty and staff to support research and teaching on ecology and evolutionary biology. The LEED Gold Certified building is set on a 97-acre site with easy access to wetlands and other important natural habitats for field- based learning. The client, the University of California, Santa Cruz worked with architect EHDD to deliver world-class facilities for marine and ocean health research located near the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. The HVAC… Read More »A Research Building That Relies on Fans and Natural Ventilation

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                  The 2021 Dodge Construction Outlook Conference Will Open a Window Onto the Industry’s Future for Architects and Engineers

                  The 82nd annual Dodge Construction Outlook Conference will occur on November 3 from 11:00–3:30 (EDT). Although the conference will be virtual this year, due to COVID-19, it remains a cornerstone event for construction industry leaders and the media. Its forecasts offer critical insights into the U.S. economy and the construction market. The conference will feature two keynotes: The 2021 construction industry findings will be presented by Dodge Data & Analytics’ chief economist Richard Branch and will outline the risks and opportunities… Read More »The 2021 Dodge Construction Outlook Conference Will Open a Window Onto the Industry’s Future for Architects and Engineers

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                    The Fans Chosen by Businesses Across the Globe

                    In Big Ass Fans’ two decades of innovation, we’ve helped thousands of businesses just like yours. Our overhead and directional and fans have the power and efficiency to move massive amounts of air with minimal energy use, delivering comfort that transforms how your people work.

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                      Case Study: Haiku Helps Francis Ford Coppola’s Resort Guests Stay Comfortable

                      The illustrious Hollywood director behind The Coppola Family Hideaways envisions his tropical resorts as not just hideaways, but getaways. Francis Ford Coppola wants guests to be able to put their working lives behind them in peace, quiet and total comfort. That means no TVs and no air conditioning. The installation of Haiku fans throughout Coppola Family Hideaways in Belize and Guatemala makes living without air conditioning a breeze.

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