Construction’s Digital Future

    Luddites despair! The digitization of construction is inevitable. That’s just one takeaway from a recent webinar hosted by Geo Week News. The session picks up where the infamous 2016 McKinsey report, Imagining Construction’s Digital Future, left off. Under the title Is Construction (Finally) Ready to Move Into the Digital Age?, the webinar convened four industry leaders to discuss the state of play, and possibilities for the future:

    • Niknaz Aftahi, Founder & CEO, AEC + Tech
    • Steve Holzer, Technology Visionary and Leader
    • Chris Faulhaber, Director of Digital Transformation, Earthbrain
    • Stephen Jones, Industry Insights Research, Dodge Data & Analytics

    Lamenting the building industry’s tendency to operate in siloes, Jones said, “It’s very easy to build mediocre technology, and there’s a ton of it out there, and it tends to be point solutions because we’re highly fragmented.”