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    Andersen allows you to streamline your design process by providing all of the tools you need in one location. Choose a series to get started. This tool library is updated monthly to feed your design needs, so please check back to see the newest additions to the menu.


      Research Document: Installation Comparison of Combination Window Units

      Andersen engaged RSMeans data, from Gordian, the most trusted source of construction cost data for over 70 years. RSMeans was tasked with conducting a time and motion study comparing the productivity differences of one installation of four 100 Series window units with Easy Connect Joining vs. four leading industry competitor window units with ½” steel reinforced aluminum field mull. Data was collected on the installation of both window assemblies over the course of a single day. The purpose of the… Read More »Research Document: Installation Comparison of Combination Window Units

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        Multi-Family Living Window Style Survey

        In a survey of 2,000 respondents, we asked the unasked questions about what really makes an apartment or condo feel like home, and how the choices of window color, style and material impact this. We uncover the link between the feeling of home and the value of that to renters. It looks at various upgrades that are considered desirable by people looking to rent an apartment or condo. The results show how window choice can impact that feeling of home… Read More »Multi-Family Living Window Style Survey

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          Light in the Visible Spectrum Can Kill COVID-19, a New Study Asserts

          Ultraviolet light is an important tool in the fight against COVID-19, and is being used to disinfect everything from hospital CT scanners to firefighters’ boots. HVAC systems incorporate UV lights to reduce the spread of the airborne disease in building interiors. UV radiation occurs at wavelengths from 10 to 400 nanometers, and is largely invisible to the human eye. However, it can, at certain wavelengths, cause significant damage to our eyesight, skin, and immune system, undermining its utility as an… Read More »Light in the Visible Spectrum Can Kill COVID-19, a New Study Asserts

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            Robot Assistants, Coming to a Construction Site Near You

            With construction plagued by inefficiency, safety concerns, and labor shortages, the smart money is on robotics transforming the job site. The National Science Foundation, in particular, is betting $2 million on a consortium of researchers from the University of Florida, University of Michigan, and Washington State University, for their study pairing human workers with so-called “interactive robot assistants.” According to the University of Michigan’s University Record, the robots will learn how to learn on the job from their flesh-and-blood mentors.… Read More »Robot Assistants, Coming to a Construction Site Near You

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              What Puts a Construction Safety Program Among the Best of the Best?

              Written by Dodge Data & Analytics on May 6, 2021 Each year the construction industry recognizes outstanding safety programs across the country. Honors such as the ABC National Safety Excellence Award, the AGC Construction Safety Excellence Award, the Construction Users Roundtable Construction Industry Safety Excellence Award, EHS America’s Safest Companies Award and the National Safety Council Awards highlight firms that have made an exceptional commitment to safety a cornerstone of their operations. One such company is Texas-based general contractor Rogers-O’Brien… Read More »What Puts a Construction Safety Program Among the Best of the Best?

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                Building Materials Good Enough to Eat

                America throws away an astonishing 30–40% of our food supply, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. That’s an ethically indefensible practice, given how many people at home and abroad regularly suffer from extreme hunger and malnutrition, not to mention the many other productive uses for organic matter. Here’s a cool one, fresh off the vine, so to speak: Researchers from the University of Tokyo have unveiled a new building material, comparable to those made from wood powder, but composed… Read More »Building Materials Good Enough to Eat

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                  Robotics Are Revolutionizing Infrastructure Inspection

                  It should come as no surprise that the nation’s infrastructure is in poor shape. The American Society of Civil Engineers has long been sounding the alarm with its recurring infrastructure report card, awarding the U.S. an alarmingly C- for 2021. (And that’s a marked improvement over the D+ overall score from the previous round, in 2017.) The questionable condition of our roads and bridges only foregrounds the necessity for safe and reliable inspections, a concern that Ron Stupi, Senior Vice… Read More »Robotics Are Revolutionizing Infrastructure Inspection

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                    The Emerging Value of Remote Inspection in Civil Construction – On Demand Webinar

                    Even before the COVID-19 crisis, the potential of remote inspections to help automate parts of the inspection process was gaining attention as a means to improve the inspection process, free up inspectors’ time to focus on more high-value tasks and help project owners deal with shrinking budgets. Now the pandemic has put a spotlight on the value of remote inspection to help reduce the number of people on dynamic jobsites to improve safety and health. However, the industry is still… Read More »The Emerging Value of Remote Inspection in Civil Construction – On Demand Webinar

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                      Is Technology Reducing Construction Risks? | Construction Podcast

                      Listen to Dodge’s Ben Johnson and Donna Laquidara-Carr discuss the emerging technologies shaping risk management in construction. Below is a transcript of this construction podcast. Ben Johnson:Hello and welcome to this episode of a podcast that builds. I’m your host Ben Johnson, and on today’s show we’ll be discussing the use of technology to help manage construction risks. The data we’ll be using in today’s show came from a new SmartMarket Insight called Using Technology to Improve Risk Management in… Read More »Is Technology Reducing Construction Risks? | Construction Podcast

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