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Research Document: Installation Comparison of Combination Window Units

    Andersen engaged RSMeans data, from Gordian, the most trusted source of construction cost data for over 70 years. RSMeans was tasked with conducting a time and motion study comparing the productivity differences of one installation of four 100 Series window units with Easy Connect Joining vs. four leading industry competitor window units with ½” steel reinforced aluminum field mull. Data was collected on the installation of both window assemblies over the course of a single day.

    The purpose of the time and motion study was to provide third-party validation, which was designed to determine installation productivity differences between Andersen’s patented joining system compared to a standard joining system in a leading competitor’s product. RSMeans Engineers utilized the Group Timing Technique (GTT) to measure the time involved when installing the two different product assemblies. The GTT requires the use of an engineer/observer, list of tasks and a stopwatch. The engineers, at predetermined time intervals, indicated on the list of tasks what each crew person involved in the installation is doing at that particular time. The study control guide was used to collect the data for each of the installations.