Did the Grinch Steal the Construction Recovery?

    By Richard Branch, Chief Economist As the calendar turns over to a new year, the recovery in construction starts is gaining traction. Through the first 11 months of 2021, total construction starts are up 13% on a year-to-date basis over 2020. Nonresidential building starts are up 11% thanks to gains in warehouse, recreation, and manufacturing starts. Residential building starts have risen an incredible 20% on a year-to-date basis as multifamily construction picks up speed, while single family pauses. Nonbuilding starts,… Read More »Did the Grinch Steal the Construction Recovery?


      How to Engage with Design Professionals in a Post-Covid World

      The physical limitations emplaced over the past 18 months have ignited a permanent shift towards digitally-based processes for product selection, project documentation, continuing education and ongoing awareness of industry trends and innovations. This session will feature research on these critical changes and practical guidance from a panel of experts about how manufacturers can successfully adapt.

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        Construction Has an Information Supply Chain Problem

        You’ve probably heard the expression, “What got you here won’t get you there.” In his introduction to the Outlook 2022 event, Dodge CEO Dan McCarthy shares what’s new within the organization and how the changes underway will benefit customers and members. Now is the time to think about the future of the construction industry. His focus? In a word, technology. Just as supply chain disruptions are plaguing global trade, McCarthy observes, information supply chain disruptions are holding back efficiency and… Read More »Construction Has an Information Supply Chain Problem

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          Four Eye-Popping Facts About Bad Data’s Impact on Construction

          According to the 1967 film “The Graduate,” the future could be summed up on just one word: “plastics.” Today that word would probably be “data.” So why has the construction industry been so slow to adopt digital technology? SoftwareOne’s Jason Dodds walks us through the downsides and the possibilities in his talk for Outlook 2022. Here are a few data points to get the conversation started. Over the past 50 years, manufacturing productivity has increased 2.5-fold, while labor productivity in… Read More »Four Eye-Popping Facts About Bad Data’s Impact on Construction

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            Driving Actionable Commercial Construction Insights Through Data

            Data has the power to unlock new insights into your business; however, obtaining that level of understanding requires data to be mastered. This panel will discuss mastering data from a variety of data sources including customer-specific content, data de-duplication, creating relationships amongst data elements, and examples of the insights this provides to customers.

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              Adapt And Thrive In An Evolving Market

              While the quarantine from the pandemic is coming to an end, its impact on the construction sector will be felt for years to come. The nascent recovery in construction activity will be shaped by the numerous challenges facing the sector. But with every challenge, there is an opportunity that will allow your business to grow and increase profitability.

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                Unified, Trusted Big Data from Multiple Sources. When and Where It’s Needed

                Integrating, mastering and making sense of Big Data can be a Big Lift. Reltio can help. Reltio uses AI, machine learning, and Connected Graph technology to make internal and external data “insight ready” and usable in real-time by downstream applications and systems, and users such as Data Scientists and Marketing Teams. Join Reltio Program Director, Chas Kielt, for an evidence-based discussion about strategies for integrating and mastering high volumes of complex data from tens of thousands of internal and external… Read More »Unified, Trusted Big Data from Multiple Sources. When and Where It’s Needed

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                  BAF Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ)

                  If you missed Big Ass Fans session at Dodge outlook 2022, here is a replay where you can watch David Rose, Senior Manager Technical Strategy & Innovation discuss Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ). Learn more about the benefits of Ceiling fans and how they can improve IEQ.

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                    Managing Through the Cycle for Construction Success With Steel 

                    In this session, we will do a deep dive into the drivers of construction costs, emphasizing how steel’s availability and raw material sourcing can be best understood to minimize risk, reduce project costs, and achieve success. Participants will walk away with a better understanding of emerging market growth opportunities and how to manage through the highs and lows of the construction cycle to win together. 

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                      2022 Construction Outlook: Four Factors to Consider

                      In his webinar forecast for the U.S. construction market in the coming year, Dodge chief economist Richard Branch notes four primary trends. First, the current material shortages and high prices, driven in large part by supply chain blockages, will remain issues. Second, labor shortages will continue to bedevil contractors. Third, productivity gains will drive profitability. And fourth, changing demographics, market shifts, and other externalities will necessitate flexibility.

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