Regulatory Update Could Mean a Raise for Construction Labor

    A proposed change to the Department of Labor’s formula for surveying earnings could lead to major wage gains for construction labor. The department uses surveys to determine the prevailing wages in different areas of the country through the 90-year-old Davis-Bacon Act. The act sets wage standards for workers on construction projects backed with federal dollars. The last major change to the rules occurred during the Reagan administration. The department has received some 37,000 comments on the potential update, and Law360… Read More »Regulatory Update Could Mean a Raise for Construction Labor


      The Real Estate Industry Begins to Grapple With Climate Change

      Waterfronts in Florida. Woodlands in California. Anywhere, really, in Arizona. The real estate industry is finally coming to terms with the increased frequency and intensity of flooding, wildfires, drought, and other climactic effects of the climate crisis. Why? In part, the New York Times reports, because the insurance industry has recognized the high costs of frequent rebuilding in disaster-prone areas, raising prices “significantly over the last 18 months.” Real estate industry groups such as the Pension Real Estate Association and… Read More »The Real Estate Industry Begins to Grapple With Climate Change

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        American Institute of Architects Celebrates Earth Day by Unveiling Green Refresh of Its D.C. HQ

        The American Institute of Architect’s massive Brutalist national headquarters in Washington, D.C., designed by The Architects Collaborative and completed in 1973, is a relic of another era. To mark Earth Day this year, the association has unveiled plans for a major, and majorly sustainable, building renovation. Architects EHDD, in collaboration with Hood Design Studio, Hartman-Cox Architects, Point Energy Innovations, and Turner Construction, are targeting LEED Platinum with new double-pane windows, roofing, and energy, lighting, and HVAC systems. The interiors are… Read More »American Institute of Architects Celebrates Earth Day by Unveiling Green Refresh of Its D.C. HQ

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          GSA Tackles Embodied Carbon with New Asphalt and Concrete Material Standards

          The U.S. General Services Administration is one of the nation’s biggest landlords. As part of its sweeping mandate, the agency maintains thousands of government properties and constructs federal court houses, office buildings, border stations, and other structures nationwide. So when GSA adopts new construction standards — usually after exhaustive study and participation by the private sector — the building industry as a whole takes notice. In March, GSA announced new standards for asphalt and concrete used in construction. Why target… Read More »GSA Tackles Embodied Carbon with New Asphalt and Concrete Material Standards

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            What is a Net Zero Building?

            A net zero building is the total amount of energy used by the building on an annual basis and is equal to the amount of renewable energy created on the site. The goal of these buildings is to contribute less overall greenhouse gas to the atmosphere during operations. Find out more about how net zero buildings can help your business.

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              Net Zero: Working Smarter, Together

              Open Blue can gather and analyze data about energy, water, materials, and greenhouse gas emissions involved in every phase of a building’s life cycle: its design, construction, operation, renovation and end-of-life. Learn how companies are reducing their carbon emissions with OpenBlue.

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                Research Shows Traditional Higher Education Approach Disrupted

                Innovative Business Models Help Build Healthy Campuses Declining enrollment, skyrocketing costs, unpredictable regulations and rising public expectations have all peaked within the past two years, taking a toll on colleges and universities and forcing administrators to make difficult decisions. However, their primary goal remains the same: to deliver quality education and a healthy, safe, connected and highly competitive learning experience. And by reimagining how they optimize, fund and manage their campuses, they’re doing just that.

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                  Net Zero Buildings Pulse Survey

                  In early 2021, Johnson Controls conducted a blind survey of 1,046 companies in North America to determine whether net zero buildings are a priority – survey respondents spanned small, medium, and large businesses and were selected only if they: (i) made or influenced decisions on sustainability and (ii) had the right mix of functional expertise and experience. The results were overwhelming……. Read the results now.

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                    Children’s Hospital of Alabama Case Study

                    Powering the blueprint of the future for sustainable hospitals Emphasizing the need to be good stewards of financial donations, the Children’s of Alabama sought a partnership to find innovative solutions to drive maximum efficiency of operations, lower energy costs, reduce risk of failure, and provide guaranteed outcomes. The hospital looked to Johnson Controls to design, build, operate and maintain its new central utility plant (CUP) through a 25-year contract where Johnson Controls operates and holds all the risk for building… Read More »Children’s Hospital of Alabama Case Study

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                      Outlook for Sustainable Products and Services Is in the Green

                      By Scott Shurtleff The outlook for future demand of green building products and services is very promising, according to data gained from an extensive survey by Dodge Data & Analytics in partnership with Carrier, Autodesk, USGBC and AIA. The 80-page report details the expected demand of green products in home, municipal and commercial structures over the next 15 years. The report suggests that both the building performance AND the construction of the building need to be addressed with equal fervor… Read More »Outlook for Sustainable Products and Services Is in the Green

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