Big Opportunities in Distribution

    New research by Dodge Data & Analytics shows that the warehouse and distribution center market is among the fastest growing building types in the US. In 2010, this vital but practically invisible component of the nation’s infrastructure generated $3.8 billion in construction starts, accounting for 9% of the overall commercial buildings sector. But driven by the rapid growth of e-commerce, compounded by COVID lockdowns and brick-and-mortar retail closures, it is now projected for almost $53 billion of starts in 2022. That amounts to an astounding 36% share of the commercial construction sector.

    The Dodge report focuses on three major trends impacting the design and construction of warehouse and distribution facilities in the US: the drivers of capital investment in new or renovated facilities; the growing number of facilities being built near customers, in urban areas; and the push for sustainability, particularly in reduced energy use and minimized waste. For more information, the report is available here.