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A Sustainable Landmark Incorporates Ceiling Fans

    The Bullitt Foundation, a nonprofit philanthropic organization with a focus on the environment, worked with local real estate firm Point32 to deliver a building at the cutting-edge of sustainable architecture. The building was the vision of CEO Denis Hayes to create “the greenest urban office building in the world” and received the Sustainable Building of the Year award from World Architecture News in 2013.

    To help meet the low energy targets, ceiling fans were combined with automated windows for passive cooling and to provide natural ventilation and fresh air. Fans use only 2% of end-use energy but allow higher cooling setpoints to reduce HVAC reliance. The system was estimated to offset about 750 hours of annual cooling. Occupants use the fans to provide thermal comfort and ensure the building operates sustainably. The result is far above-average thermal satisfaction and world-class energy performance.