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Project Agility through 4D BIM Webinar

    October 7th at 9:00 am CDT / 10:00 am EST

    Join Hexagon for their webinar to learn how to use more of your data efficiently to increase decision-making capabilities and improve project agility through 4D BIM. In any large construction project, we see discrete roles within a connected ecosystem. From concept and design through construction, maintenance, commissioning and turnover, Hexagon enables data governance of a projects’ information, connecting it across the lifecycle all the way to management of an owner’s physical asset. Our portfolio of solutions can scale across any project, offering a full suite of solutions for projects of all sizes and varying complexities.

    Register for this webinar and learn:

    • How dynamic scheduling can preserve budget on projects
    • Improve execution in the field through real-time updates
    • Smart integration allows you to leverage more of your project data and minimize stalls on your project