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Elevating Project Control Workflows with 5D BIM

    Our previous Project Agility through 4D BIM webinar demonstrated how to execute projects agilely through 4D BIM. Now, take your project control workflows to the next level with HxGN Smart Build™ Project Controls.  

    In this webinar learn how to build upon the foundation set by HxGN Smart Build Insight and elevate to a 5D BIM workflow by seamlessly linking the 3D model, schedule, and budget/cost. HxGN Smart Build Project Controls enables additional functionality like cost control, budgeting & forecasting, change management, and 5D visualizations to help rein in and manage project costs, allowing you to focus on the overall project and portfolio performance. 

    Using real-time data collected throughout the entire building project, the 5D BIM and Smart workflows will continuously update based on construction progress and reflect any changes in expected costs. This means stakeholders have full visibility into the impact different scenarios have on the schedule, budget and design, and can make more informed decisions that minimize delays and other undesirable outcomes.